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the coworking space for AI startups only, within the Linz startup scene, almost for free

An inspiring environment

smec offers you and your startup a unique space with room to grow your business. We believe that startups need an inspiring environment, one that fosters collaboration and innovation. In the heart of the startup scene, you will feel right at home!

Photos from smec office
© Sabine Kneidinger
Photos from smec office

Do your own thing!

The deal is pretty simple and sweet. We offer you a coworking space, and you develop your business. There are no strings attached, or any requirements to sell us a part of your company. In the AI Hub you will be free to focus on your entrepreneurial journey. We know for a fact, how important it is to work in an inspirational environment and to be surrounded by like-minded individuals.

People at smec
© Sabine Kneidinger
People at smec


A coworking space naturally fosters the exchange of ideas and open innovation. While you'll be working on your startup, being surrounded by experts in the field, we trust in this spontaneous synergy. We strongly believe in the knowledge exchange which will surely be taking place. In a way, we see it as another form of support, as we work toward our respective goals.

Our offer

Office space

Unique office space with original Tabakfabrik architecture, balanced with modern interior design.

Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms are available for those really important appointments (so long they don't collide with smec).


Fuel your entrepreneurial journey with a constant supply of great coffee and tea selection.

Tech only

We offer space exclusively to AI, Data Viz, Deep Learning and Machine Learning startups only.


An expertise exchange is bound to happen whilst you are at the smec HQ. The many startups around Tabakfabrik promise even more collaboration opportunities.

Virtually pro bono

In comparison to other coworking spaces, we keep the costs to an absolute minimum — if not, to a symbolic price.

Tabakfabrik Linz

The startup scene in the heart of Linz. Thousands of square meters filled with innovation and vision.

Tabakfabrik / photo credit: Tabakfabrik Linz
© Tabakfabrik Linz
Tabakfabrik / photo credit: a_kep
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Start your AI Hub journey

Give your startup a place to grow and achieve greatness. The unique office environment and knowledge exchange promise business results!

smec office
smec office
smec office
smec office
smec office
© Sabine Kneidinger

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