Audience based targeting is becoming one of 2017’s most used PPC buzzwords (seemingly topped only by machine learning). Similiar audiences for search, which has just recently moved out of beta, lets you create lists of users that share similar interests and online search behavior based on your defined remarketing lists (RLSA). It works for both Text Ads and Shopping Ads.

We tested it in the office & industral supplies segment and are ready to share some insights with you.

Similar audiences as an addition to remarketing as we know it

As a sort of addition to classical remarketing as we know it, AdWords now offers the ability to reach new potential customers through “Similar Audiences” for search campaigns. Based on defined remarketing target groups, or RLSA, Google identifies and indicates other similar users as potential customers. Google determines characteristics and attributes that can indicate similar audiences, including shared interests and online search behavior. As Google puts it: „AdWords looks at the search activity in a short time frame around when visitors are added to your remarketing list . . . Based on this information, the system automatically finds new potential customers whose search behavior is similar to that of people in your remarketing list.“ Useful to know: similar audiences can only be created from remarketing lists with at least 1,000 cookies.