Introducing Orbiter PPC Data Visualizations

What is Orbiter?

Inspired by our hometown hero, the forward-thinking astronomer Johannes Kepler, we produced Orbiter PPC Data Visualizations to offer you sweeping yet highly-detailed views of your Google AdWords campaigns. Picturing data is tough. Orbiter enables you to take a global view of your KPIs for Shopping and Text Ads—a better, easier way to understand and improve your campaigns. The results are also highly presentable as live infographics to share your AdWords victories.

  • Quickly identify strategic misfires and areas for improvement
  • Highlight emerging trends and gather actionable insights
  • Understand and describe the relationship between operations and performance
  • Interact with data for immediate feedback and learning

Like a satellite clustered with lenses and instruments, Orbiter will continually add new visualization tools, all for free.

Orbiter PPC Data Visualizations Screen Capture

Don’t miss weak spots in your AdWords performance—see what your data looks like.


Why is Orbiter so important?

Too often there is a wide disconnect between the way information is made available to us and the ability of our brains to process that information. Simply put, humans have not evolved to easily make mental pictures of 1000-row spreadsheets. Orbiter augments your campaign comprehension by bringing buried or complex data to the surface and producing digestible, informative data visualizations.

Information can be dispersed across multiple screens or tables, nested hierarchically, chopped up by time periods, or all of the above. This convoluted reality makes it challenging or even impossible to get a cohesive, unified picture of what the data can tell us. Meanwhile, our brains are powerfully optimized for processing visual input, with incredible pattern detection capabilities and a high sensitivity to changes in color, contrast, size, and shape. Don’t waste that power: Orbiter plays to your human strengths by delivering visually-nourishing overviews of critical KPIs.


How do I get started?

Launching Orbiter is easy. Just visit Orbiter and click the “Step into Orbit” button, and you will be prompted to connect your Google AdWords account. No downloads, no hassle. Once you’ve chosen which data you want to visualize, Orbiter will load and you can then switch between Orbiter’s lenses to examine different dimensions of your AdWords data. Each tool can be calibrated according to your needs, and a built-in walkthrough guides you through all these functions. If you need more help or just want to share feedback, you can reach us with the contact buttons or email us directly at [email protected].


Launch Orbiter

Or play with this sandbox data to learn more.


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