The New Google Adwords Remarketing

Google is about to present a revamped, highly efficient remarketing concept to the public. Until now it has been a labour intesive process to create different target groups (remarketing lists) and add a remarketing tag to the specific pages. But now there is a great new way to streamline your work process!

Flexible Remarketing-Tags
The Google AdWords-Remarketing Tag was reworked in the following way: Now you only have to integrate a single tag on each website, where based on specific filters, certain users can be grouped in lists. Hence, for example an online shop for beauty products can group all URLs containing “haircolors” to a single remarketing list. Afterwards you can easily target these groups with remarketing campaigns.

Integration with Google Analytics
Also, Google Analytics will receive an integration of the new remarketing lists. There, you can directly create marketing lists for visitors of a specific page from within the Analytics interface and remarket them via Google AdWords.

Remarketing-List in Google Analytics
Remarketing-List in Google Analytics


Similar-User-Targeting is getting ready for the market
With the targeting feature “similar users” it is possible to target website users with similar interests as your own website visitors, with display advertisements. This way, you can win potential new visitors and / or customers. The similarity of users is determined by interest categories assigned by Google based on their respective web history. If a user corresponds to the specific interest categories of website XY’s visitors, he can be shown relevant advertisements.

Remarketing goes Google Search
A very exciting, planned idea by Google is to enable remarketing on Google search result pages. Hence, the visitor of a special page on a website can be activated again. Furthermore it is also possible to treat existing customers different from new customers in search. For example, someone who cancelled his card may be convinced to complete the purchase, working with trust or rebate elements.

Very interesting features which allow for better targeting possibilities and may reduce scattering losses. Especially the idea to enable rekarketing in Google search should have huge potential (seperately addressing new and regular customers). As of now we are waiting in vain for the publication of Google’s dynamic remarketing product – in combination with these new remarketing features, dynamic remarketing is the last step for an all encompassing remarketing system for Google. Of course, user privacy has to be kept in mind and you should deploy these features carefully to avoid reactance.