Bid Management for Google Shopping in 70 seconds: What is it and why you should use it

Maybe you have seen it already: we are not only Google Shopping experts on paper, we really try to support online marketers and retailers in the field.

Therefore we created Whoop!, a easy to use bid management tool especially for Google Shopping. With Whoop! we want to make the life of PPC experts who manage thousands of products a bit easier. A real PPC-ninja uses a bid by item shopping strategy and wants to use different CPC bids for all these different products, also the ones in the Long-Tail (read our post about the Long Tail here).

With Whoop! we built a tool which is tightly focused on these problems. And of course we are looking forward to implementing your feedback and so Whoop! will become even better!

Long story short: Check out our new video to understand how Whoop! will make your daily work easier.



Shhh: you can try it risk free and for 30 days, so don’t be shy 🙂