London calling: Why we chose fish and chips!

Here at smec, Viennese Schnitzel or fish and chips is not a case of either-or: We love eating both. While many companies consider leaving the UK due to Brexit, smec is pushing in the opposite direction – no matter when or to what extent the impact, life will go on. Where others see threats, we see opportunities and we are sure politics will define a fruitful environment for inhabitants and businesses alike. smec believes in both – the UK as well as in the European Union. Therefore, we have decided to open an office in London Farrington, Kirby Street by 1 October 2019.

E-commerce is growing in the UK

The UK is the second most developed e-commerce market in Europe after Germany and will be worth over 200 billion Euro by the end of 2019 – although the UK market is currently experiencing a slower growth, it still shows a clear tendency towards growing even bigger in the foreseeable future. The largest increases regarding this year’s first six months were observed in health & beauty (13%), home & garden (9.3%) and clothing (7.3%). On the other hand, electricals, gifts and lingerie declined between January and July – but still, this is only a snapshot, as these industries will recover soon. Therefore, the UK offers lots of opportunities for us to further develop our leading position in the PPC industry.

In the past years we supported great companies like RS Components, allbeauty, Mountain Warehouse, Robert Dyas, OnBuy and many more with regard to their e-commerce activities. These clients are a testament to our commitment to the UK market. We are not aiming for run-of-the-mill client relationships – we are building strong long-term partnerships, deeply rooted in trust and success. Our 130 employees live and breathe e-commerce on a daily basis and as a SaaS+ company, we combine excellent software with expert support to push the results of our clients to new heights.

After two and a half years of activity on the UK market, we came to the conclusion that smec loves the UK. The resonance to our excellent products and services, provided by passionate people inside our company, is overwhelmingly positive and encouraged us to tap even further into this growing market. Therefore, opening an office in London allows us to serve our English clients even better and so it was the only logical conclusion.

The rise of the algorithm

In this day and age, algorithms and artificial intelligence are on the rise and have increasingly become more prevalent in e-commerce businesses as well – but most of the time no one knows how they actually behave in different PPC-related scenarios. Therefore, you basically have to trust the algorithm to do the right thing and give up the driver’s seat in the process. And that’s why transparency is one of our main pillars at smec: Our clients always stay in full control over their paid search campaigns and gain valuable insights while enjoying the benefits of automation. This unique approach gives us an edge over our competitors and offers a substantial advantage for our clients in the UK.

Passion and excellence for the UK

Running our office in London and providing our clients with the same high level of support, our UK employees receive adequate training and will start in October followed by a second wave in November – and yes, more are expected to come in the near future. They will be joined by seasoned smec veterans from our headquarters in Austria to guarantee the necessary knowledge transfer. In some regards, the UK market is quite different to the DACH region and we will make sure to accommodate for that. We are not known for half-baked things and will show up in full force to unleash our clients’ maximum potential in the UK market.   

God save the Queen, all UK e-commerce retailers – and smec as well!