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Scripts to programmatically control your PPC processes

Ready to learn more about your long tail and non-converters?

The “Budget Eater” script evaluates the Long Tail and Non-Converters. Just add the script to your Google Ads account and get results. The code won’t change anything in your Google Ads campaigns, it just analyzes your existing data and provides you with an automatic evaluation.

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Want to mine your top performing Google Shopping queries?

The “Shopping Explorer” script does not only filter Google Shopping queries by target country, ROAS and conversion criteria but also highlights which products (titles and URLs) converted based on these search terms. The output is saved into a spreadsheet and can then be used as a source for other scripts — like our text ad and sitelink builder scripts.

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Wondering how to build text ads from spreadsheet data?

Close the automation circle by building text ads from the hidden gems that are your Google Shopping queries. The “Text Ad Builder” script generates text ads based on a external spreadsheet data. We strongly suggest utilizing the “Shopping Explorer” data to generate keywords and ad text that reflect successful search queries.

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