Optimising for profit to achieve sustainable growth

The queen’s gambit for sustainable growth

Learn how to optimise for profit based on margin data to achieve sustainable business growth:

Generating high profits to achieve sustainable growth is what retailers aim for. To exceed and stay ahead of the competition, it is necessary to focus on the right metrics – one of which is margin. Combined with automation, your data transforms into a powerful asset you can capitalise on.

Read this eBook to:

  • Understand how to maximise your profits and grow your business in a sustainable way by combining data, automation and expertise
  • Learn how to scale your paid search initiatives efficiently and factor in margin data to optimise for profit
  • See how Dutch based specialist interior retailer Flinders and others successfully applied margin-based bidding to reach new heights in Google Shopping

Optimising for profit based on a margin-based bidding approach allows you to spot opportunities early, allocate your budget where it matters and reap the benefits of pursuing the right strategy at the right time. Read on to learn how you get there!

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