How to prepare for Black Friday 2021 & the holiday season

Power your ecommerce marketing strategy with expert tips for Black Friday

Now is the season to strategise, capture new customers and shake up the game with highly effective marketing campaigns. As an ambitious retailer, your goal is to drive sales and boost revenue. Here you’ll find everything you need to know.

Black Friday PPC strategy 2021

Powerful ecommerce strategies & tactics for Black Friday 2021

Black Friday PPC strategy 2021

Understand ecommerce challenges and take opportunities to fuel your marketing strategies. Plus, get concrete action items for multiple online marketing channels to maximise your sales during the holiday rush.

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Panel discussion about Price & promotional strategy for Q4 2021

Price & promotional strategy
for Q4

Panel discussion about Price & promotional strategy for Q4 2021

This panel discusses profitability including supply & fulfillment, promotion timing & discounting, and the role of automation in marketing campaigns. Make sure to give it a listen and gear up for the intense shopping season.

Panel discussion
Black Friday 2020 Benchmark report

Report: 2020 Black Friday Google Shopping Benchmarks

Black Friday 2020 Benchmark report

Was the 2020 Black Friday performance in times of lockdowns as strong as expected? Were rosy predictions met? Check out the benchmark report and factor these insights in into your Black Friday 2021 planning.

Benchmark report

Pro Tip for Black Friday & Cyber Monday:

Master digital growth by understanding developments in ad spend and performance. Our smec Market Observer empowers you to succeed. It provides you with highly valuable Google Ads performance data from different industries as well as benchmark reports such as our latest Q3 2021 benchmark report for Google Ads. Based on these insights, you can shape and tailor your marketing strategy to your needs, form better-informed decisions and outpace strong competitors – especially during the busy holiday shopping season ahead.

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