Today we are automating the accounts of industry leaders.

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Scalable Pay-per-click Advertising with All Facets

Using AdEngine allows you to promote all your products and services in Google
AdWords in a highly granular manner.

  • Highly flexible in connection

  • Data-driven generation of highly relevant keyword combinations

  • No loss of sales due to inaccurately covered assortment parts

  • 1 AdGroup per head keyword – with more relevance to higher ROI

  • Higher Quality Scores through outstanding user experience

  • Cost-effectiveness through lower cost-per-click

The Roundtrip – The Heart of AdEngine

The regular synchronization with the data source makes your day-to-day work considerably easier.

  • Up-to-the-hour synchronization of prices and availability

  • Highest resource efficiency through inventory-controlled promotion

  • Robust & self-healing: Uncover and prevent trademark infringement

  • Shop categories without products are automatically paused

  • Thresholds can be set at the category or brand level

  • Entities created by the AdEngine can be provided with separate labels

“ Through smec’s automated approach we gain internal time that we can invest in strategic focus issues. ”

Thorsten Wissowski, Online Marketing Manager, reichelt elektronik

Data Preparation – Fit for Automated PPC Advertising

Flexible Cleaning Rules – adapted to the search behavior of your customers

  • Generate highly relevant keywords – highly scaled and yet to the point

  • Matched to the search behavior of your customers

  • Guarantees full visibility for product-specific search queries

  • Display of all relevant search facets

  • Full utilization of granular search queries

  • No loss of visibility due to an inexactly covered product range

Highly Customized Text Ads – Your Eye-Catcher on the SERP

Feed-based and controlled by highly flexible business rules

  • AdTemplates act as your ad kit – you define the rules

  • No loss of ad statistics by using AdCustomizer

  • Higher Quality Scores through the automated use of all AdExtensions

  • Do you have pre-eminence? We’ll bring them to the surface!

  • Note on free shipping if the shipping cost limit is exceeded

  • Automatic filling of all AdExtensions

  • Representation of assortment depths in the mid-tail area

  • Communication of the best price from the respective category

  • Creation of possible entry points in related assortment ranges

“ With its approach, smec has succeeded in providing our customers with up-to-date information on the SERP and thus generating highly qualified traffic. ”

Mag. Markus Nigl, Chairman,

bipa Eventim Reichelt Schaefer Shop


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