At a glance

Product details

  • Creation of highly relevant text ads and keywords that are precisely matched to the search behavior of your customers
  • Goal oriented advertising for your products
  • Continuous optimization of your account

How you benefit

  • Optimal ad placement and more conversions
  • Support by e-commerce experts - Your account manager is also your go-to contact person
  • Deep Data Insights with the smec Reporter - free for our Google AdWords customers

Works best for:

E-commerce operators who want to generate more traffic and conversions.

Search Engine Advertising à la smec:
The goal oriented advertising of your products is our specialty! We support you in finding the right customers depending on what they’re looking for.

Over 9 AdWords certified managers stand for reliability and cutting-edge expertise.

How do we work?

It begins with a comprehensive analysis of your existing Google AdWords account to track sources of error and identify potential. We skip this step, of course, if Google AdWords is completely new territory for you and your business.

Then, we plan the restructuring or the creation of the account with you and, according to your strategic goals, take it online. Of course - if you want, we can also work solely towards the optimization of your current account and make small adjustment until all settings are at the maximal output level and repeat on a daily basis!

Reporting with the smec Reporter

The Reporter developed by smec provides you with an overview available in real-time and on any device to keep track of all relevant key figures from your Google AdWords account - clicks, budget consumption and conversions are always close at hand. Best of all: the reporting tool is free for all of our Google AdWords customers.