At a glance

Product details

  • Adjustment of your display banners for target groups and performance criteria
  • Selective addressing of potential customers by retargeting
  • Design of mobile-optimized banner sets

How you benefit

  • Take advantage of the branding effect - strengthen your brand
  • First-mover advantages in trends like dynamic retargeting

Works best for:

All online shop owners who want to increase their reach or retrieve those interested in the shop.

Every fifth user who sees a display banner performs a related search. Every third user visits the website of the respective company. Although display ads do not have as high conversion rates as advertisements in search engines, they bring undoubted benefits and side effects which perfectly compliment a good online strategy - because pictures are memorable, the name of your company gets memorized!

You can choose if you want to run pure display campaigns or set retargeting measures as well. If you prefer, you can make the banner yourself or it can be designed by us. Of course, we can also do everything in one and offer discounted bundle prices.

How do we work?

We advertise your display campaigns on the Google Display Network. We consider the following ...

  • Fine-grained adjustment by target groups
  • Adjustment of performance criteria
  • Strengthen your brand by taking advantage of the branding effect
  • Contextual targeting through keywords
  • Placement targeting through selecting relevant websites
  • Theme targeting through selection of relevant content
  • Targeting of relevant user interest categories
  • Feedback for creating high conversion rate banners
  • smec Reporter: online reporting access visible at all times
  • Personal assistance from online marketing manager and know-how exchange

At the end of the analysis, we provide a manual, in which not only the potential for optimization is provided, but also equally powerful suggestions for improvement. This way, you can customize your online store or web site to the needs of your customers.


Did you know that 97 % of all visitors don’t buy anything the first time they visit your site?

It is exactly this target group, those who don’t choose right away, who you can find a remedy for through retargeting. Potential customers who have been on your website and are interested in products are retrieved through targeted actions.

So-called frequency capping controls the frequency of the displayed banner and thus prevents interested parties from being constantly tracked.

Examples of display advertising and retargeting