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Google Shopping & Coronavirus – new challenges and tips to overcome them

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is hitting our global society hard. This is first and foremost a public health crisis and shows its effects on our social life and worldwide economy. For all of us, the pace and impact of change will be intensely challenging. If you are an online marketing manager or online retailer, what might this mean for you?

In our next webinar on Friday April 9, Mike Ryan, Product Manager of Whoop! will give you a very honest strategic assessment of the months ahead. Not only will you get crucial insights, but also 20+ practical tips to help you overcome emerging challenges.

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Query Sculpting Webinar with Martin Röttgerding and Christopher Rogl

Using query splits has become a popular tactic in the paid search industry. It is used to set different bids for different types of search queries to split Shopping campaigns into three parts, and then sort the traffic using a combination of different negative keywords, campaign priorities, and bids. This Webinar provides you with valuable insights about the whole approach.

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Google Shopping and CSS: Advantages, setup options, and success stories

In this webinar we discuss:

  • the new requirements and what they mean for CSS and retailers
  • how Google’s compliance efforts work
  • the advantages of advertising via price comparison platforms
  • the role of the Shopping tab and other properties
  • how to get started: which setup options are there?
  • the CSS performance of industry leaders
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