Google Ads trends in a time of global crisis

Through the 2020 looking glass and beyond

Are you ready for Q4?

2020 has been and remains quite an unstable year due to the disruptive nature of the ongoing global crisis. This makes it especially difficult to predict Google Ads outcomes for the coming holiday season.

Mike Ryan, Product Manager Whoop!, has analyzed year-to-date data for hundreds of Ads accounts and wants to give you a quick look into the past, where we are now, and especially a perspective on what might be next. On 30 September at 3PM CET we will discuss the following in our webinar:

  • How are Google Ads performing right now?
  • What’s the outlook for Q4?
  • How can I prepare for the coming holiday season?

After Mike’s talk there will be a panel discussion with experienced Paid Search Strategists from smec to discuss your questions, talk about the general implications for Shopping and Search for Q4 and to give guidance on practical solutions.