SAScon 2017

20.7.2017 - 21.7.2017 - Manchester, United Kingdom

This conference will attract a wide range of digital and communications professionals including representatives from the public, private and not for profit sector. We expect delegates will be of a senior level and expect the event to be a complete sell out with over 350 delegates attending.


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Whoop! at SAScon

Search marketing continues to be the biggest and most powerful form of digital marketing. SAScon is one of the leading conferences for SEO & SEM, helping hundreds of marketing practitioners succeed with actionable tactics.

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Our Conference Team

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Mark Haupt

Country Manager UK

Mark is responsible for our business development in UK. If your company or agency is based in the United Kingdom and you are interested in Whoop!, he is the right person to talk to.

Julia Strasser


Julia is responsible for our business development in UK. If your company or agency is based in UK and you are interested in Whoop!, she is the right person to talk to.

Whoop! at a Glance

Whoop! helps you to automatically build, manage and optimize your Google Shopping Campaigns. Based on a predictive Algorithm, Whoop! enables individual evaluation of your Products.

Save Time And Resources

Automated Ad Creation and optimization - faster and easier than ever before.

Optimise Every Single Bid With Predictive Bidding

Identify the sales potential of all your products with the help of a predictive algorithm. Unravel your long tail opportunities!

Advanced Bid Strategies For Better Flexibility

Use Advanced Bid Strategies to control the bidding of different inventory parts and apply your custom strategy.

Whoop! App showing customer performance

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About SAScon

Some of the most relevant and innovative solution providers will be invited for you to meet and evaluate.

SAScon 2017

MMU Business School
All Saints Campus
Oxford Road
M15 6BH
United Kingdom

The event will also feature a brilliant line up of keynote and panel speakers and will feature over 30 of the UK and Europe’s leading SEO and PPC professionals.