This attribute describes the status of an item such as 'preorder', 'in stock' or 'out of stock'.

When to use

The attribute is required, meaning it has to be used for every product. In case you will not continue to offer an item on Google Shopping, don’t indicate this with the availability attribute, but rather remove the item completely from your feed.

  • Always use this attribute (required attribute)
  • Don’t use the attribute to indicate you will no longer sell an item. In this case you should rather remove the item from your feed

How to use



  • [preorder]: Use this type in case you want the user to be able to order products in advance. This type exists exclusively for products that are not released yet. To let the user know when the item is available for delivery use the attribute availability date.
  • [in stock]: Use this type for items that you can guarantee availability for and that can be delivered without delay.
  • [out of stock]: Use this type if you are not accepting orders temporarily as this might be the case if the item is currently not for sale.



<g:availability>in stock</g:availability>

'availability': 'in stock'

<availability>in stock</availability>

Text / Tab delimited:in stock


The availability status in your data feed must always correspond with the status on your landing page. This page should display the availability status for all your targeted countries. Moreover the attributes values must be in the same language as the attributes names. Use the value 'out of stock' if you want to provide products in the future but not consistently. Don’t remove these items from the data feed.

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