This attribute defines the condition or state of the product.

When to use

This attribute is required, meaning it has to be used for every product. If you want to define the state of your items you have to used this attribute.The product state of the items that you promote can be new, used or refurbished.

  • Always use this attribute (required attribute)
  • To define the condition your items are in
  • An item can be new, used or refurbished

How to use



  • [new]: If you promote products that are brand-new and delivered in the original packing.
  • [used]: Use this condition value if you promote products that have already been used. This is the case if the packaging is not in the original state.
  • [refurbished]: You can use this type if your products are new, covered by a warranty and delivered in original or other packaging. If you promote refurbished products they have to comply with the Google Shopping regulations.




'condition': 'used'


Text / Tab delimited:used


The attribute must be specified in the same language as the item’s title. In case you fill in the item’s title in Spanish you must indicate its condition in Spanish as well.

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