Custom Label

This attribute groups products in a Shopping campaign.

When to use

Use the 'custom label' attribute to group your products in a Shopping campaign by values (e.g. seasonal or best sellers).

  • Used to group your products in a Shopping campaign
  • The 'custom label' attribute is only for Shopping campaigns

How to use


Type: String




'customLabel0': 'seasonal'


Text / Tab delimited:seasonal


You are allowed to use up to five custom labels for each product in your feed, defined 'custom label 0' through 'custom label 4'. Each custom label attribute contains one value per product. In order to use these attributes appropriately you need to set a definition and the possible values of each 'custom label' attribute.


You can create up to five different custom labels. Therefore the labels are numbered from 0 to 4. After creating a custom label, define its definition and its possible values. The following example shows the custom label 0. It defines the product's margin. Possible values are 'Low Margin', 'Medium Margin' or 'High Margin'.

Creating a custom label for seasons
Custom label Your definition Your choice of possible values
Custom label 0 Margin Low Margin, Medium Margin, High Margin

After creating the labels, you can now assign the appropriate value to each product. Be aware that you can only choose one single value, meaning it is not possible to assign a product to the value 'Medium Margin' and 'High Margin' at the same time.

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