This attribute is the product's unique identification.

When to use

The attribute is required, meaning it has to be used for every product. Don’t use the same ID within the same Google Merchant account.

  • Always use this attribute (required attribute)
  • Can’t be reused within the same Google Merchant account

How to use


Type: String




'id': 'tddy123uk'


Text / Tab delimited:tddy123uk


The ID can include any valid unicode characters except control characters, function charaters, private area characters and surrogate pairs. Any sequences of carriage return or whitespace characters will be shortened to a single one. Also note that if the ID starts or ends with carriage returns or whitespaces, they will be removed. The attribute has to be valued uniquely. It can’t be reused within the same Google Merchant account. For every target country you have to use unique product identifiers, even in case of using different feeds. Once the product is submitted, you should not change the ID again.

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