This attribute contains the number of identical products in a multipack.

When to use

If it is possible to submit multipacks the 'multipack' attribute is required for all countries except Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Sweden, India, Mexico, Poland, Russia and Turkey.

  • Required for all multipacks in all countries except the countries mentioned in the section 'When to use'
  • Used to set the number of identical products in a multipack

How to use



  • Integer: greater than 1 (multipacks cannot contain 1 item)




'multipack': 6


Text / Tab delimited:6


If your feed contains multipacks you have to notice the following informations. First of all check if your price attribute contains the total price of all items of your multipack. Additionally, the main image of your multipack must show only the base item of your multipack (e.g. one glass of wine, not six of them). The 'multipack' attribute contains the number of manufacturer-defined multipacks that are bundled if the base item of your multipack is a manufacturer-defined multipack. Furthermore you should provide the unique product identifiers for your manufacturer-defined multipack.

The 'multipack' attribute does NOT contain the number of items in a manufacturer-defined multipack, but rather the number of items in merchant-defined multipack, i.e. items you packed together.

What’s the difference to bundles?

Multipacks are multiple items of the same kind packed together, whereas bundles are several different items, that belong together.

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