This attribute gives information about the product’s pattern.

When to use

You have to use this attribute in case your item group is available in different patterns. If the pattern is a distinguishing characteristic the attribute’s usage is strongly recommended but not required.

  • In case of item groups that are available in different patterns (required usage)
  • In case the pattern represents a distinguishing characteristic (recommended usage)

How to use


Type: String




pattern: 'Striped'


Text / Tab delimited:Striped


In case of variants, each product that is different in its pattern has to be submitted separately. Therefore use the attribute item group id. Specify understandable pattern descriptions for the attribute pattern. Examples may be 'Striped', 'Dotted', 'Tigers' or 'Paisley'.
If your landingpage provides a choice between different patterns for the same product, include all variant items in the same item group. Else, separate item groups have to be utilized.

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