This attribute defines the price of the product.

Shortened view in regular Google results

The attribute 'price' is shown in the shortened Google Shopping view.

Detailed view in Google Shopping

When to use

The attribute is required, meaning it has to be used for every product. Products that have variable pricing (such as items sold in auctions) cannot be sold on Google Shopping. These products should be removed from the data feed.

  • Always use this attribute (required attribute)
  • Fixed prices are provided

How to use


Type: Number



<g:price>15.00 USD</g:price>

'price': { 'value': '15.00', 'currency': 'USD' }

<price currency="USD">15.00</price>

Text / Tab delimited:15.00 USD

Sorted Guidelines


The price must be fixed. Items with variable prices such as items in auctions are not permitted. The prices have to match the ones listed on your landing page. If you have several products on the landing page the user needs to be able to identify the right product and its corresponding price. Different pricing will be penalized by not showing any of your items on Google Shopping.

The users of your targeted countries must be able to pay the price directly on your website by online payment services or other alternatives. Direct payments exclude barriers such as required memberships. The price has to include shipping and taxes (according to local tax receivables). If a minimum order value is required you have to highlight this information on your landing page and in your title.

Sale and products for free

Special reduced prices should be tagged with the attribute 'sale price'. This attribute is used in addition to the regular price attribute, so don’t delete this one. It has to be easily recognizable on your landing page.

Offering products for free (price = '0') is prohibited on Google Shopping. The only exception are mobile phones and tablets that are bound to cell phone plans. In this case you should use the Google product taxonomy 'Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones' and expand the title attribute by the words 'with contract'.


Include the tax in the price for all target countries except for the USA, Canada, India and Japan. For any target country you are obligated to inform your customers about any relevant tax information. In case you can’t define the tax according to local law, you should estimate the average value customers pay.

Currency and Delivery

The price must include currency information according to the ISO 4217 standard. If several currencies are used on the landing pages, the price has to be shown in the target country’s currency by default. It must be possible to deliver the product to every target country.

Bulk quantities

Bulk quantities have to be tagged with the total price for the minimum quantity the user can buy. The price must be easily findable on your landing page. As an alternative it is also possible to price the product quantity by unit.

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