Sale Price Effective Date

This attribute defines the date range during which the sale price of the item is used.

When to use

The attribute 'sale price effective date' is used in connection with the attribute sale price.

  • Recommended if the attribute ‘sale price’ is used
  • Date range in which the ‘sale price’ attribute is used

How to use



  • followed by T
  • followed by the day when the sale starts
  • followed by an expression of the time zone for the sale
  • all defined by the ISO 8601 standard




'salePriceEffectiveDate': '2011-03-01T13:00-0800/2011-03-11T15:30-0800'


Text / Tab delimited:2011-03-01T13:00-0800/2011-03-11T15:30-0800


If you do not use the attribute 'sale price effective date' together with the attribute 'sale price', the attribute 'price' will be used.

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