This attribute represents the product’s estimated shipping rate.

When to use

Use the attribute in case if you want to set shipping information or in case you want to overwrite your Google Merchant shipping settings. The attribute is required for any of the following target countries:

  • Australia
  • Czech Republic
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Spain
  • Switzerland
  • UK
  • US

  • Use the attribute to specify shipping information
  • Use the attribute in case you want to overwrite your Google Merchant shipping settings
  • Use the attribute for the following target countries: Australia, Czech Republic, Germany, France, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, US.

How to use



  • country (optional sub-type): The country your product will be delivered to. In case you don’t indicate a country the system will use the value of your feed's target country.
  • Use one of the following area specifications:
    • region
      The target country you deliver your products to.
    • postal code
      The postal code range that a shipping rate applies to.
    • location id
      The numeric id of a location that a shipping rate applies to. Use the ids that are defined in the Adwords API.
    • location group name
      In case your locations are grouped you can include the name of the group in this sub-attribute.

    • These area specifications are only used in Australia, Japan, and the US

  • service (optional sub-type): The name of the shipping method.
  • price (required sub-type): Fixed delivery price.



<g:shipping> <g:country>AT</g:country> <g:service>Standard</g:service> <g:price>10.00 EUR</g:price> </g:shipping>

'shipping': { 'country': AT, 'service': 'Standard', 'value': '10.00', 'unit': 'EUR' }

<shipping country= 'AT' service= 'Standard' currency='EUR'>10</shipping>

Text / Tab delimited

Attribute Names Value Examples
shipping(country:price) AT:6.49 EUR
shipping(country:service:price) AT:Standard:12.99 EUR
AT::17.80 EUR
AT:Express:25.99 EUR
shipping(price) 6.49 EUR
shipping AT:::6.49 EUR
AT::Standard:0 EUR
AT::Express:13.12 EUR


Direct to consumer shipping

Remember to only use direct-to-consumer shipping rates. Any other types such as ship-to-store shipping rates are not permitted. Without the usage of the attribute 'country', the shipping information will be referred to the product’s target country. When omitting the attributes ‘postal code’, 'location id' or 'location group name' the 'shipping' attribute will refer to the whole country.

Country specifications

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