This attribute represents the product’s title.

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The attribute 'title' is shown in the shortened Google Shopping view.

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When to use

As the attribute is required it has to be used for every product.

  • Always use this attribute (required attribute)
  • In case of variant products (e.g. a sweater in different colours) use a title that fits all variants

How to use


Type: String



<title>Scooter City Driver Helmet</title>

'title': 'Scooter City Driver Helmet'

<title>Scooter City Driver Helmet</title>

Text / Tab delimited:Scooter City Driver Helmet


Editorial guidelines

Besides grammar and spelling issues you should note some guidelines. Do NOT USE any promotional text or inappropriate punctuation marks, symbols, repetition or numbers. Examples may be 'tuuuuuuurtleneck sweater', 'turtleneck [email protected]', 'TURTLENECK SWEATER', 'turtleneck sweater - turtleneck sweater - turtleneck sweater', and 't*u*r*t*l*e*n*e*c*k**s*w*e*a*t*e*r'.

Product variants

Specify a title that is fitting for every version of the product if your item is available in different variants. Instead of 'turtleneck sweater - green' or 'turtleneck sweater - red' use something like 'turtleneck sweater'.

Mobile phones and tablets

In case of mobile phones and tablets subsidized prices can be used in connection with a service contract. Extend the title by the phrase 'only with contract'. Also make sure to use the following product category: 'Electronics > Communications > Telephony > Mobile Phones' for phones and 'Electronics > Computers > Tablet Computers' for tablets.

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