Unit Pricing Measure

This attribute specifies the product’s unit and quantity.

When to use

The attribute’s usage is not required, however it’s usage may be necessary to fulfill local laws. For the following and likewise products unit pricing measure information is highly recommended:

  • Hardware
  • Office Supplies
  • Food
  • Beverages
  • Tobacco
  • Flooring
  • Business Cards
  • Perfume

  • Recommended attribute
  • Usage may be necessary to fulfill local laws
  • Highly recommended for the following products: Hardware, Office Supplies, Food, Beverages, Tobacco, Flooring, Business Cards, Perfume.

How to use


Type: Numerical value + unit
Accepts units:

  • Weight: oz, lb, mg, g, kg
  • Volume US imperial: floz, pt, qt, gal
  • Volume metric: ml, cl, l, cbm
  • Length: in, ft, yd, cm, m
  • Area: sqft, sqm
  • Per unit: ct



<g:unit_pricing_measure>225g </g:unit_pricing_measure>

'unitPricingMeasure': { 'value': 225, 'unit': 'g' }

<unit_pricing_measure unit='g'>225 </unit_pricing_measure>

Text / Tab delimited:225 g



Unit pricing measures can relate to volume, weight, area, length, or count. When using the unit weight, exclude any packaging weight. In case of selling foods, refer to the product’s drained state.


For using the 'unit pricing measure' attribute you have to specify the total amount for the price attribute for the minimum number of items you can sell. The next steps will be adding the unit pricing information to the 'unit pricing measure' and unit pricing base measure attribute.


By providing all the information described in the requirements, Google Shopping will be able to calculate the corresponding unit price of your product. If the calculated value is below the allowed amount of the local currency, the price will be rounded to the nearest allowed value (e.g. $0.005 USD will be rounded up to $0.01 USD).

Floz, pt, qt und ga

These measurements will be interpreted as US imperial units. So in case you want to sell your products to the UK, use numeric values combined with the required metric system to fulfill the local regulation.

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