Enhanced text ads from proven Shopping queries

Apply proven Google Shopping search queries to your text ads

Tap unused keyword sources

15% of search queries worldwide have never been entered before, which equates to 525 million new search queries every day. This means, in effect, an endless pool of potential new keywords — and it should be every advertiser’s aim to serve as many of these queries as possible with highly relevant keywords and corresponding text ads.

But how can you identify the right keyword sources and tap them? The best sources are the ones closest to you: sources that have already delivered performance metrics such as clicks and conversions. That’s why a perfect source for keywords are your Google Shopping campaigns.

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We don’t think of Google Shopping and Text Ads as two separate worlds, but as highly complementary ad formats. In fact, it’s where these spheres overlap that the power of our approach lies: here we can offer unique focus and deliver unparalleled gains to customers who want to dominate the SERP. Keyword Sourcing lets you automatically harvest successful Google Shopping search queries from Whoop! to be used as keywords for even more relevant text ads.

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Your search query report is a keyword fountain

Your Google Shopping search query report gives you immediate, concrete insights into your customers’ search behavior and shows exactly which search queries have led to clicks and conversions. This is immensely powerful knowledge that can be applied to other marketing channels or ad formats — such as your text ads, where keyword & text ad relevance play a big role in your ad’s position on the SERP. The better your ads match your customers’ search intention, the higher your position and the lower your costs.

Don’t waste successful search queries

You can apply your new, proven keywords to text ads with minimal effort. This is where the AdEngine comes into play. It automates “harvesting” successful search queries from your Shopping campaigns. Queries are filtered by your predefined criteria and booked in your text ad campaigns as keywords after checking for duplicates.

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smec API power offers unlimited scalability

Using the Google Ads API, it is possible to match Google Shopping search queries with product IDs so you know exactly which product was impacted by the conversion. For each item, the AdEngine creates a matching product ad group with the “harvested” keyword — the results are powerful, highly relevant text ads.

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Award-Winning Results

Each year, Google invites the world’s most elite agencies to compete in the Premier Partner Awards. Keyword Sourcing achieved finalist status in the category Growing Businesses Online, placing the tool and its innovative approach in a market-leading position within the top 1%.

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