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How much does Whoop! cost?

The specific pricing of Whoop! depends on the details of your account — we will offer you pricing that reflects a fair and sustainable cost-benefit ratio. Your pricing plan consists of two elements: a software fee and a base fee. The software fee will remain flat month-to-month, while the usage fee is calculated retroactively as a percentage of your Google Shopping ad spend from the previous month.

The standard software fee covers: (1) the promotion of one shop, (2) the promotion of your shop's products across target countries

If you want to advertise your products multiple times per country, you also need to pay the software fee multiple times. For full transparency, we will agree on a pricing scheme and invoicing cycle before your start with Whoop! and will provide an overview of all invoices in the Whoop! dashboard.

Want to know what pricing and results we can offer you? Please contact us so we can speak about enhancing your Google Shopping performance.

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