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What can I expect from you and the tool?

Our mission is to leverage the balance of machine learning and human brainpower to maximize KPI-driven output while minimizing tedious and iterative taskwork. Our teams are constantly striving to ensure excellence in all areas — both internally and externally when in direct contact with our customers.

Nevertheless, machine learning algorithms like Whoop! need time to learn and adapt to your account’s unique characteristics so it can make truly customized, account-specific bid adjustments. Consequently, performance uplifts might not be visible immediately after implementing Whoop!. Also, incorrect Google Ads settings or data feeds might have a negative impact on results. With hundreds of satisfied customers and more than 10 years of experience in Google Ads, we can work through any challenges that might arise in order to achieve outstanding outcomes together.

What you can expect:

  • Whoop! dashboard and bidding solution
  • onboarding with audit and/or pre-kickoff*
  • Shopping campaign setup and activation
  • proactive support and optimization suggestions*
  • in-app messages and regular updates
  • general bid strategies for all products
  • advanced bid strategies for specific segments
  • flexible goals: minROAS, maxCRR, maxCPA or FixedMaxCPC
  • custom bidding behavior: from aggressive to conservative
  • bidding in accordance with margins and seasonalities**

* Support and onboarding hours may be limited. Please refer to your individual contract. ** If the required custom labels have been applied.

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