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Know Thy Enemy: Advanced Auction Insights

Explore the untapped potential of Google’s Auction Insights, where you’ll learn advanced strategies for competitive analysis, custom metrics calculation, and innovative applications to outsmart your competition and dominate your market.

CMO’s ecommerce playbook: lead & succeed in 2024

From global market dynamics to the latest in AI and consumer behavior, this playbook is a must for CMOs who aim to lead and succeed in 2024 ecommerce. We cover channels, demographics & behavior, analytics, martech, and tactics.

The State of Performance Max: Power & Pitfalls

Tapping into data from 3,000 PMax campaigns, Mike Ryan, Head of Ecommerce Insights at smec, will offer an exceptional level of detail and analysis. The aim is to bring you up to speed and share the knowledge we have accumulated over time.

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