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Google Analytics: What to expect in future and how to prepare for it

Google Analytics 4 is due to replace Universal Analytics next year. That seems like a long time away, but given that Analytics is an integral & crucial part of many retailers’ reporting, the time to start preparing for the switch is NOW!

Google Ads & Online Retail: How to Adapt to 2022’s Major Changes

2022 is a year full of changes in the Google Ads universe: Performance Max Campaigns are due to replace Smart Shopping Campaigns and Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are taking over Expanded Text Ads. Learn how to adapt in our webinar.

How To Thrive in Ecommerce in 2022 and Beyond

Get a look into the “The Future of Ecommerce”: Thought leaders such as futurologist Tristan Horx and former CEO of Amazon UK & ASOS Brian McBride joined us on our Great Day to look at future trends in online retail.

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