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smec Market Observer

Mastering digital growth by understanding developments in ad spend and performance

smec Market Observer provides you with valuable data that will allow you to create deeper insights leading to better-informed decisions. See below how Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising are currently performing in your industry. Furthermore we compile quarterly benchmark reports, where our experts curate the most important developments and provide additional insights at a glance!

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A quarterly paid search trend analysis

Data-driven industry insights and an expert’s outlook of what’s to come:

Benchmark PPC performance report for retailers

Google Shopping Q2 2021 benchmark report

If the first quarter of 2021 marked a full circle moment as we reached the anniversary of the first lockdowns in mid-March, then the second quarter is no less significant a milestone. Online revenue growth is strong but slowing. Want to know the reason behind this slowdown? Read on to find out more!

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Benchmark PPC performance report for retailers

Microsoft Ads Q2 2021 benchmark report

The first complete fiscal quarter after the anniversary of the pandemic: Offline retail has recaptured a certain share of revenue while online traffic has met challenges leading to unfavorable developments. Read on to learn what this meant for the UK and Germany in Q2 2021.

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Google Shopping 2021 PPC Performance report cover image

Google Shopping Q1 2021 benchmark report

Q1 2021 marks a full circle moment: after 12 months of unpredictable and incomparable trends we have reached the one year anniversary. So how did the channel perform? One thing is for certain – the Shopping funnel has become more challenging than ever to manage.

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Microsoft Advertising 2021 PPC Performance report cover image

Microsoft Ads Q1 2021 benchmark report

CPCs went up quite a bit, but was it really that bad or was it as expected? How about the CTR in Q1? Our most recent MS ads benchmark reports for Q1 2021 will answer these questions and more.

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Black Friday 2020 PPC Performance report cover image

Google Shopping Black Friday 2020 recap

Was the performance in times of numerous lockdowns as strong as expected? How about the rather rosy predictions? Were they met? Click on the link below to find out!

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Microsoft Advertising 2020 PPC Performance report cover image

Microsoft Ads Q4 2020 benchmark report

Underdog no more. How Microsoft Ads could flex its muscles and deliver strong performance in a strange and unpredictable quarter.

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