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Performance Max Insights

Evaluate the performance of your PMax campaigns & discover your uplift potential.

Do you face the same challenges
as online retailers we work with?

Heavy focus on
top sellers

PMax prioritizes bestsellers and neglects longtail products, leading to challenges in predicting product performance, missed revenue opportunities, & slower business growth.

Common setup for
all & no control

PMax lacks steering options, especially without first-party data like margins, stock levels & seasonality, leading to equal treatment of all products. Consequence? Lower margins, AOV drop & lower ROAS.

Lack of reporting

PMax's campaign performance is unclear on a product level, making optimization way harder. It's hard to know which products perform best, need priority or generate revenue from brand traffic.

Insights that uncover your true PMax growth potential

Longtail insights

Share of products that are
ignored by the algorithm

Longtail insights

If you have a wide range of products it can be hard to figure out how many actually sell. This data helps you understand the distribution and performance of the items you advertise.

What you can learn from this data: figure out if you're experiencing a best seller bias; forecast which products have a possibility to be top sellers; understand how not to rely only on just a handful of products to drive your revenue.

chart depicting efficiency of budget in PMax campaigns

Breakdown that shows
efficiency of your budget

chart depicting efficiency of budget in PMax campaigns

20% of your budget goes to products that are generating clicks but not revenue? You aren’t alone. It's really important to know where your money is going and how you can get the most out of your budget.

What you can learn from this data: check if you're spending your budget efficiently; how are your product groups performing in terms of cost, conversions, conv. value & more.

Chart depicting under- and over-delivery in PMax campaigns

Under-delivery vs

Chart depicting under- and over-delivery in PMax campaigns

Do you experience your products being either way below or way above your targets? PMax has the tendency to do that, and probably you aren't even aware of it.

What you can learn from this data: which products need a bit of love in terms of ROAS & budget adjustments; understand if you need to reduce the over and under delivery of items in your campaigns to be more competitive and efficient.

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