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Are you affected by these common PMax challenges?

By using the default setup, which doesn't take into account data such as stock levels, product lifecycles or margins, you're treating all your products the same. This prevents campaigns from being aligned with your business objectives. You're also missing out on relevant insights to improve performance, differentiate and outperform your competitors.

Our data shows that 80% of the campaign budget goes to 0.5% of the products. At the same time your long-tail products don’t get enough exposure and you’re missing out on revenue opportunities. Relying on top sellers to drive sales can have a direct impact on your incremental revenue and prevent you from scaling your business.

With PMax the days of adjusting bids on SKU level are gone. You’ve no control over which products will be pushed, by how much, and via which channel. Your only lever to control bids is the ROAS target. The consequence? Default PMax campaigns aren’t pushing the products that are most relevant for your business.

what our

Shed a light on the PMax black box and
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Turn your data
into actions

  • With our AI-based inventory scoring, you enhance each of your products with market, performance, and product data, providing PMax with crucial data inputs at the SKU level.
  • Use historical data and information on similar products to optimise the predictive model, especially for your long-tail products.
  • The calculated score allows you to better understand the conversion potential of every single product, giving you a whole new perspective on your PMax campaigns.

Campaigns that deliver a healthy revenue mix

  • Based on the calculated score each product is assigned to the right campaign with a ROAS target in line with your objectives.
  • Push long-tail products with high conversion potential and don't miss out on revenue opportunities.
  • This way you ensure that you're not overspending on top sellers and that you're generating revenue from as many products as possible.

Give every product the spotlight it deserves

  • Our algorithm recalculates the score per SKU on a daily basis. This ensures that volatile parameters (e.g. stock level) are regularly taken into account.
  • Each day, each of your products is assigned to the ideal campaign and advertised accordingly.
  • The result: an optimal push of relevant products and a maximum increase in your revenues.

Increase your bottom-line with more campaign types

  • Not every product is suitable for PMax campaigns. Often it is smarter to use classic Shopping or Search campaigns instead.
  • Based on your individual goals, we create a cross-channel strategy for you and take care of the ideal setup.
  • Continuously optimise your channel mix with our proven A/B testing process and the expertise of our account managers.

Results that speak for themselves




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Enhanced PMax campaigns start with the right insights

Google Analytics 4
Setup & Service

Take advantage of our expertise in optimizing GA-setups for online retailers and improve your tracking capabilities. Our certified experts will prepare you for the end of Universal Analytics.

and Price Insights

Analyze competitors, monitor market prices, and strategically allocate your budget to products that are highly competitive. Stop spending money on items that don’t sell.

Performance Reports

Go beyond standard reports: Track your KPIs across ad channels, dive deeper to detect hidden potentials and derive concrete actions to optimise your advertising strategy.

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Why smec?

Technology is in our DNA. We combine proprietary AI technology with the expertise of 115 performance marketing specialists to drive top- and bottom-line results from PMax campaigns.

By working with over 360 online retailers from a variety of industries, we quickly gather unique data insights and best practices to give you a competitive edge.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why we create a campaign setup that is truly based on your needs and business objectives.

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