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We are Europe’s most dynamic PPC Automation company from Austria and an innovation-driving force for automated Search Engine Advertising worldwide. At smec, more than 100 employees from over 20 countries support more than 500 customers and partners in over 20 international markets with highly specialized software in moving their online business in a smarter direction.

With our AdEngine for Google AdWords and our Whoop! Predictive Bid Management Software for Google Shopping, we have revolutionized PPC Automation and have become the global leader in our segment.

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Our automated text ad management for Google AdWords is an internationally-awarded software that generates and manages inventory-controlled, high-performance keywords and text ads for Google AdWords automatically. A culmination of years of forward thinking and testing, the AdEngine is being constantly reevaluated and refined to maintain its innovative edge.

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Our Predictive Bid Management System is the world’s first software developed specifically for Google Shopping and has won Germany’s SEMY Award as Best Specialized SEA tool 2017. It helps you to automatically build, manage and optimize your campaigns based on a predictive algorithm, enabling individual evaluation and automated bidding for each of your products.

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