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The long-tail campaign is ready: I’ll run it by the client! Wow! - This is exactly the right strategy. E -commerce has become really complex. Experience and and a good base really help. We are constantly above the benchmarks. There’s already something new - I put our research team on it. If it is useful, we'll work it into the 360° view. Good - if everything's ready I'll send it to Google and off we go! I’ve got it easy today. I can show a full piggy bank in the meeting with the client. The performance is really great! references I had a great meeting today: Got a whole suitcase full of optimization possibilities here. I think we can double our conversions. I think it’s great! This is the thing of the future. Perfect! We tried something new and can now render live in any browser. In real time. And each widget is reusable. Simply connect data, put together infographics and you're off! I am proud of this extensive analysis. SEA and SEO with a lot of potential. This is the beginning of a beautiful, successful cooperation. I have to deliver the text banners and the retargeting banners. And where else might I fly today? I’ll have to wait and see what’s new... With a dash of online marketing voodoo everything is much easier... hehe ;) Come! Buy Now! - Here’s the call-to-action! Double sales, increase coverage and reduce advertising costs. Get it now! smec Marketing Engineer
He writes the rules for the AdEngine, which then produces text ad campaigns and packages.
Goldenes Piggy Bank
The advertising budget savings and increasing revenue can be usefully applied by our customers.
smec Reporter
All client data at a glance. Just in time.
smec Sales Intelligence Engine
Central core of all smec software tools. Programmed with attention to detail.
Let your numbers tell your story! smec's next big thing!
smec Solution Package
Ready to launch!