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OMR 2021: How to optimize Shopping ads for business growth

Shopping becomes increasingly competitive, while Google’s automation becomes increasingly widespread – and less controllable. In our OMR 2021 talk you'll get an advanced guide to aligning Shopping with your business objectives and learn best approaches to data integration and product scoring.

EUROPE Event Digital
Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

Benefit from exclusive insights from one of Eastern Europe’s top PPC players: marketplace giant eMAG. Grab the recordings of our Great Day Europe 2021 event and get valuable growth insights from eMAG’s Daniel Bercaru and learn all about major trends in Google Shopping from Mike Ryan from smec.

DACH Event Digital
Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

Benefit from exclusive insights from big players in the DACH region and learn more about the growth strategies from top-notch SEA experts like Max Daum from Peek & Cloppenburg and Sebastian Hirth from Zooplus. Get everything out of the recordings and presentations from the Great Day DACH 2021.

UK Event Digital
Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

Find out what levers retail decision makers and digital marketers in the UK rely on in order to expand their market share. By watching the recording of our Great Day UK 2021 event you will gain valuable insights from experienced professionals such as Cas Paton from and Sneha Stanway from Mountain Warehouse.

Beyond Click Metrics
Google Shopping Meets Business Intelligence

Looking at the right metrics is key to remaining at the top of the ecommerce game. Learn more about how to align Shopping with business objectives, best practices to data integration and competitive differentiation.

Google Shopping and marketplaces: How to defend & expand market share

Google as a quasi-marketplace and major source of traffic to marketplaces shapes the dynamics of Google Shopping significantly – the channel is tough and competitive. Mike Ryan, Head of Retail Insights, delves deeper into what this means for retailers and marketplaces alike.

3 pillars for leveraging growth: automation, technology and people

Ever wondered how to highlight the role of paid marketing in the grand scheme of things? And what about a proper framework for thinking through challenges in your company and driving growth in paid digital marketing?

Customer analysis and targeting in times of increased online traffic

Ever wondered how to expand your target group and target them more easily? Due to the current situation almost everybody is at home and website traffic has risen to new heights, so we want to show you how to make the most of it.

Google Shopping & Coronavirus – new challenges and tips to overcome them

The coronavirus (COVID-19) hit our global society hard. If you are an online marketing manager or online retailer, what might this mean for you? Watch the recording and gain 20+ actionable tips to overcome your challenges.

Query Sculpting Webinar with Martin Röttgerding and Christopher Rogl

Using query splits has become a popular tactic in the paid search industry over the past years. Gain valuable & actionable insights by downloading this recording. Learn more on how the approach is currently used and to what extent it could be used in the future.

Become A Google Shopping Ninja

More possibilities to optimize your bids thanks to a granular product structure? Gain more insights into campaign performance by using custom labels? Optimize CPC-bids of Shopping Ads via bid modifiers? Learn how to do it.

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