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Best practices: One year of Performance Max

Performance Max has been around for a year now, and it changed the way online retailers advertise. Due to a high level of automation and lack of best practices, online retailers are still looking for ways to overcome the tendency of PMax to ignore longtail products, favour best selling products, and provide control on a product level. To show you how we tested and learned from PMax with our clients, Florian Hochmuth, smec’s Client Lead and Vanessa Gabriel, smec’s Senior Client Success Manager address how to build your campaigns based on data, and reach customers.

The webinar covers:

  • The current state of Ecommerce & paid search
  • Our learnings from one year of Performance Max
  • A discussion of Performance Max best-practices
  • How to go beyond PMax with modern Google Ads setups
  • Find out why testing matters and how we do it
  • The role of Microsoft Ads in 2023

You can access the webinar presentation in our exclusive Knowledge Hub here.


Speaker photo


Client Lead

Speaker photo


Senior Client Success Manager

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