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CMO’s ecommerce playbook

Explore the latest trends and practical tactics for ecommerce success.

The CMO’s playbook to thriving in 2024 ecommerce

From global market dynamics to the latest in AI and consumer behavior, this playbook is a must for CMOs who aim to lead and succeed in 2024 ecommerce.

The webinar covers:

  • over two dozen pairs of what’s in and what’s out, covering key areas of your business.
  • a crash course on cookie deprecation and how this changes measurement.
  • a look at the power struggle between Chinese and Western ecommerce. (hi Temu!)
  • the impact of gen AI on creatives, feed-based ads, and a cambrian explosion of martech.
  • behavorial trends around consumption in the age of fast fashion and even faster inflation.

You can access the webinar presentation in our exclusive Knowledge Hub here.


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