Webinar The new Era of Bing: Discovering Opportunities for Ecommerce
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Excelling in Ecommerce:

How to master 2023 by looking
back at 2022

Make your ecommerce business recession-proof

In our first webinar in 2023 we recapped 2022 by looking at exclusive ecommerce and PPC benchmark reports researched by Mike Ryan. In addition, Chris Scharmüller provided you with his key learnings from working with hundreds of online retailers worldwide and shed a light on winning strategies when it comes to Performance Max and the orchestration of digital ad channels.

The webinar covers:

  • Key takeaways from 2022 to fuel your 2023 ecommerce strategy
  • Curated PPC performance data reports and benchmarks of 2022’s Black Friday and holiday season by industry and region
  • A deep dive into Performance Max: trends, pains and best practices
  • Recommendations for testing & experimentation
  • Powerful performance marketing strategies for 2023


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Head of Ecommerce Insights

Speaker photo

Christian Scharmüller


Ecommerce trends in one place

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