Google Shopping and marketplaces

How to defend & expand market share

Google Shopping has turned into a strong performance marketing channel and plays a crucial role in shaping the highly competitive ecommerce environment. The situation has even become more dynamic considering that Google itself is both a quasi-marketplace and major source of traffic to marketplaces.

At the SMX Munich held in March 2021, Mike Ryan, Head of Retail Insights at Smarter Ecommerce GmbH, explored the topic of Google Shopping and marketplaces. In particular, he looked at how retailers can not only defend but also expand their market share in a sustainable way.

By watching this video you’ll learn:

  • Where the platform strategy is headed
  • How marketplaces can use Google Shopping
  • How you defend and expand market share
  • About the role of Amazon and its auction power
  • What this means for marketplaces and retailers

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