OMR Digital Masterclass

OMR 2021: How To Optimize Shopping Ads for Business Growth

Learn how to optimize Shopping ads for business growth

Google Shopping becomes increasingly competitive, while Google’s automation technology becomes increasingly widespread – and less controllable. Brands & retailers who are stuck in the middle will suffer death by a thousand cuts (or ad clicks).

By downloading the presentation and recording of our OMR 2021 talk you’ll get an advanced guide to aligning Google Shopping with your business objectives, ranging from profitable customer acquisition, market share gains or price & inventory optimization. This includes the best approaches to data integration and product scoring, plus sophisticated profit measurement concepts.

Benefit from proven actions for increasing competitive differentiation and achieving healthy growth, plus project recommendations that extend far beyond Shopping.


Speaker photo

Mike Ryan

Head of Retail Insights
Smarter Ecommerce (smec)

Speaker photo

Irene Ehrengruber

Client Lead | Solution Engineer
Smarter Ecommerce (smec)

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