Webinar The new Era of Bing: Discovering Opportunities for Ecommerce
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Next level paid acquisition

Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

How Shopping & Search can drive sustainable ecommerce growth

Ambitious retailers and smec experts discuss future-oriented, sustainable paid search management: Moving beyond revenue-based bidding and towards more mature metrics for optimisation, removing wrong assumptions that we base our strategies on, and setting our digital channels up for long term success.

Interview with Andrea Rocca from RS Components

Demystifying Shopping: Uncover buying patterns & optimise for profit
Mike Ryan — Head of Retail Insights | smec — Smarter Ecommerce

How data, automation & cross-channel thinking can leverage your growth goals
Günther Wallner — Product Owner AdEngine 360 | smec — Smarter Ecommerce

Ecommerce trends in one place

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