Webinar The new Era of Bing: Discovering Opportunities for Ecommerce
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The Future of Ecommerce

Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

How can retailers thrive in 2022 and beyond?

Ecommerce is still growing continuously despite undergoing severe changes in recent years. Entry barriers for new online retailers are low, but pressure from increasing competition is at an all-time high, even for pure players who’ve been in the game for years. Changing consumer demands and unexpected – and unprecedented – political and social events are adding fuel to the fire.

To prevail as an online retailer under these circumstances means to recognise and evaluate trends and invest early in the right technologies to drive sustainable growth. Early adopters will have a clear advantage because one thing is for sure:
the future of ecommerce has already begun.

Keynote: Changing the game: megatrends & ecommerce

Tristan Horx (an author, podcast host, futurist at zukunftsInstitut) talks about megatrends and their impact on ecommerce

Keynote: Evolve or die - The future of ecommerce

Brian McBride — Former chairman of ASOS & CEO of Amazon UK

Ecommerce trends in one place

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