Webinar The new Era of Bing: Discovering Opportunities for Ecommerce
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Top PPC players at the Great Day for Ecommerce Growth

Get your exclusive insights from Great Day Europe 2021!

Benefit from exclusive insights from one of Eastern Europe’s top PPC players: marketplace giant eMAG. Grab all recordings of our Great Day Europe 2021 event and get growth insights from eMAG’s Dan Bercaru. In addition to that you will learn all about major trends in Google Shopping from Mike Ryan from smec. Furthermore you will get even more strategy insights from the recording of the panel discussion.

Gain plenty of strategy insights from the free recordings and presentations of experienced professionals:

  • Structuring Growth in an Unstructured Context
    Daniel Bercaru | Performance Marketing Manager at eMAG
  • Beyond Click Metrics: Google Shopping Meets Business Intelligence
    Mike Ryan | Head of Retail Insights at smec

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