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Google Ads & Online Retail: How to Adapt to 2022’s
Major Changes

Are you ready for 2022?

2022 is a year full of changes in the Google Ads universe: Performance Max Campaigns are due to replace Smart Shopping Campaigns and Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are taking over Expanded Text Ads. In this webinar recording, we cover:

  • Implications these changes have for your business
  • How to adapt best to these new ad formats
  • Pros, cons & benefits of the new campaign types
  • Best practices & insights from working with top ecommerce players

Our Google Ads experts Christopher Rogl and Günther Wallner go beyond a purely operational view to look at this topic through a strategic lens: They talk about the implications of these new ad formats for businesses and how you can ensure you are set up for success.

In addition, we discuss pros and cons as well as who benefits from the new formats.

This webinar is for you if you

  • oversee marketing activities in an ecommerce business
  • are curious about what the new ad formats mean for your campaign success
  • want to know how the community sees these changes

You can find the presentations from this webinar here:

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