Automated text ad management for Google Ads

Builds powerful ads from your inventory

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Highly granular campaign setup
matched exactly to your inventory
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Higher relevance & better user experience
for your potential customers on the SERP
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Higher efficiency & profitability
for the advertiser — you
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Data driven, scalable
text ad automation

The AdEngine stands for data driven, scalable text ad automation, ensuring loss-free, efficient management of complex Google Ads accounts (formerly Google AdWords) – based on the principle “human controls the machine”, supported by a powerful backbone of years of experience with the Google Ads API.

The AdEngine aims to solve your biggest PPC challenges – high competitor density on the Google search result page, insufficient relevance for your target group, keyword scarcity, and lack of scalability due to high manual workload.

It creates ads, keywords, and ad extensions for large, complex, highly dynamic Google Ads accounts, ensuring the highest possible relevance for the target group, plus profitability & scalability for the advertiser – you.

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Extract keywords directly from your inventory

All attributes of your data feed are potential keyword sources. The AdEngine extracts content from predefined columns and fields to create keyword combinations. Combined with laser targeted landing pages, not only are all relevant search facets covered, but also users are directed to the most relevant landing page related for their search query.

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Inventory-driven text ad creation

Set yourself apart from your competitors on the SERP by creating inventory-driven text ads and ad extensions. The AdEngine helps you create outstanding, deeply targeted text ads: You set the rules for how your ads should look, then the AdEngine builds those ads. Do you offer the best prices in a category? We’ll reflect it in your ads. Free shipping above a certain cart value? Want to highlight related areas of your inventory or show off an exclusive brand? There are countless possibilities, and the AdEngine's extremely customizable approach will get the most out of your ads and ad extensions.

Capitalize on your long tail products and make this segment scalable while staying highly relevant and recognizable on the SERP. Leave your competitors behind.

Your eye catcher on the SERP

  • Ad templates act as your custom ad kit – you define the rules

  • No loss of ad statistics thanks to ad customizer

  • Higher Quality Scores with the automated use of all ad extensions

  • Best prices on the market? We’ll bring them to the surface!

  • Free shipping noted if the threshold is exceeded

  • Automatic completion of all ad extensions

  • Display product variants in the midtail segment

  • Show the best price from a given category

  • Generate possible entry points for similar product ranges

Make sure your ads are always up to date

Displaying current information is crucial when it comes to sensitive data points such as price or product availability. Up to hourly synchronisation between AdEngine, Google, and the data feed guarantee that, even if your assortment contains thousands of products, the AdEngine takes immediate action. For example, ad groups are paused if an item goes out of stock and then reactivated once the item is available again.

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What you can expect

We speak API

8 years of experience with Google’s programming interface makes us fast, resilient, and extremely flexible in adapating to Google updates.

Human control

You're not just in the loop, you define the loop — by telling the AdEngine what to do via “business rules” in Google Sheets. You control – the AdEngine executes.

Powerful Analysis Methods

How much keyword potential is hidden away in your account? We discover next steps with penetrating delta analysis methods.

Award-Winning Results

Each year, Google invites the world’s most elite agencies to compete in the Premier Partner Awards. AdEngine is a two-time finalist for Search Innovation, placing the tool and its innovative approach in a market-leading position within the top 1%.

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