Set product prices
that sell

Pricing Engine software product by Smarter Ecommerce

Increase profitability with prices tailored to your target audience, business goals, margin targets, assortment characteristics and competitive landscape — for success beyond paid search.

Pricing Engine software product by Smarter Ecommerce

Improve your profitability and competitiveness

The Pricing Engine with its dynamic analytics and repricing features eliminates the challenges associated with product pricing. It helps retail organizations defend their market share and increase their profitability for long-term success. Observe and outperform competitors, adjust prices based on promotional activities, integrate advanced analytics data, act on interdependencies between solutions and apply rules based on business KPIs, margin data or stock levels.

Paired with consulting and outstanding flexibility in data integration, the Pricing Engine is your solution for faster, easier and more precise price management. Join our beta program and start your price optimization journey today.

Think big,
grow fast
Increase your market share, ensure multi-channel fit and ease market entry.
Boost sales revenue
Improve your offers for better ad positions and conversion rates.
Optimize for
Optimize margins and detect growth potentials.
Outperform competitors
Observe market trends and competitors for superior pricing.

Win competitive markets with smart pricing automation down to item level.

Illustration of setting smart pricing strategies
Set smart pricing strategies that meet your business goals BETA

Get the highest level of customization and optimal results with smart pricing strategies.

  • Generate ideal prices for each product
  • Tailor prices to your target country, competition, revenue or margin goals
  • Customize your own rules with our intuitive scripting interface
  • Integrate your own business logic using a wide range of attributes
Illustration of Automatic monitoring of market prices
Monitor markets and take instant action for greater competitiveness BETA

Improve your market share and ecommerce performance with price insights.

  • Observe your market and competitors
  • All numbers and statistics at one glance
  • Analyze how competitive your products are
  • Prepare for negotiations with brands and suppliers to get the best deal
  • Make data-driven, intelligent pricing decisions
Image of Custom data integration options in Pricing Hub
Leverage synergies and maximize returns with data BETA

Make better informed decisions by integrating your data hubs.

  • Custom data integration options
  • Fast and smooth setup processes
  • Access to comprehensive competition data
  • Highest standards of data security
  • Synergies across solutions
Photo of Ralph Mayr, Product Manager

Stop guessing and start growing

“In today’s ecommerce environment, retailers fight eroding margins and face stronger competition than ever. Automatically calculating and adjusting product prices is key to easing those struggles. With the Pricing Engine we want to enable retailers to increase their market share, boost profitability and, overall, turn pricing into a rewarding and enjoyable rather than tedious task.”

- Ralph Mayr, Product Manager

Introducing our beta program

Be among the first to explore our new product features and secure yourself a technological and competitive advantage. As a participant you will enjoy a personal onboarding by our experts and a customized setup of our software. Together we want to shape the future of an exciting product and we ensure that your ideas are placed prominently on our feature roadmaps.

As participant of the beta program, you benefit from:

  • Advanced support mechanisms
  • Assortment and competition analyses
  • Various customization and discount options

The official product launch is scheduled for late 2021.

Reach new levels of success with dynamic pricing

Get in touch and join our exclusive beta program

What you can expect:

  • Assessment of your needs and expectations
  • Introduction to the Pricing Engine and beta program
  • Assortment and competition audit
  • Personalized offer tailored to your needs
  • Identification of ideal start and onboarding phase
  • Customized setup and support

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are interested in joining the Pricing Engine beta program, please register via the contact form above. We will get in touch with you right away to set up a free discovery call in order to learn more about your challenges and goals. Based on a deep understanding of your business requirements we will develop a custom proposal.

The Pricing Engine will be launched in late 2021. Our beta program already grants an exclusive group of online retailers the possibility to access the product upfront and experience the benefits at first hand.

Pricing data or insights can soon be used in two different ways:

  • Use competition data as strategic input to manage your Google Shopping activities with Whoop!
  • Align pricing strategies in the Pricing Engine with Whoop! to adjust product prices based on Google Ads performance

The first option is already in use by some of our clients – with great success. The second option is a more complex endeavor that is part of our product roadmaps for 2021 and will enable you to optimize prices based on even more attributes.

Unlike other pricing tools, the Pricing Engine is optimized for retailers and offers both smooth onboarding and outstanding flexibility in data integration. With data at the very heart of our company, we aim to be more than just a pricing solution by leveraging synergies across channels and other smec solutions. Classic repricing is a thing of the past, we take a coherent look at your marketing and sales channels and their interdependencies to maximize your success. The second pillar that drives our endeavors are automation and machine learning. Those will be the focus of our continuous product development journey throughout 2021.