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Increase efficiency with a future-proof and reliable CSS partner

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Increase your efficiency
Save up to 20% in costs per click
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100% transparency and control
Stay in charge of your account
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Future-proof and reliable
An innovative and experienced technology partner

Limitless success

smec Shopping is THE comparison shopping site for those who want their Shopping campaigns to be even more efficient. As a CSS Premier Partner not only do we meet the technical requirements of Google, but we are also perfectly equipped for the future thanks to our specialisation in automation and innovation. Whether you want to publish ads throughout Europe or focus on specific areas – our CSS offers extraordinary flexibility in order to reach your customers across countries.

Seamless setup Unlimited number of products Free outclicks No ad spend limit Try it out!

With our CSS and Shopping ads we reach millions of impressions for our merchants. Thanks to our opt-in, we can even extend the visibility to the Shopping Tab, Google’s image search and YouTube Shopping Ads. The generated traffic provided by smec Shopping is free of charge – without hidden costs, such as CPCs and CPOs.

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Full control and transparency

No one knows your assortment and accounts better than you. Using smec Shopping as CSS partner allows you to have full control over your Shopping campaigns. Want to rely on your experience and continue managing your campaigns manually? No worries, we got you covered. You can continue to manage your Google Ads Account as usual, use tried and proven processes and tools while enjoying full transparency.

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Pay up to 20% less for clicks

In addition to guaranteeing you freedom when it comes to managing your product data feed, working with us ensures access to Google’s Shopping auction, where you pay up to 20% less per click compared to standard Shopping campaigns. This results in a significant boost in efficiency – without having to change your processes, tools or bidding strategies.

Future-proof and reliable

We signed a “Waiver” that ensures a frictionless continuation of your Google support because your Google Account managers are still able to access your campaigns without problems. At the same time we are in constant contact with the Google CSS team to ensure smooth migration and process optimisation.

“We love Shopping and therefore combine our passion with cutting-edge technology”

Is efficiency highly important for you and do you want to avoid paying higher CPCs than necessary? Looking for a future-proof and robust CSS platform, that enables you to manage your Google Ads account on your own? Then here is your chance to do so. Enroll today and secure the benefits associated with smec Shopping. The setup is easy, quick and risk-free.

Increase your reach and efficiency

Reap the benefits of reduced costs per clicks and stay in full control

For all of you who aim even higher, Whoop! Europe provides the perfect combination of our CSS auction advantages and automated Shopping ad management. Our award-winning software solution Whoop! offers fully automated bid management tailored to your individual needs.