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Illustration of smec Shopping - Premium Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) for Google Shopping Ads

Get ahead of your competitors with our Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) and pay up to 20% less per click.

Illustration of smec Shopping - Premium Comparison Shopping Service (CSS) for Google Shopping Ads

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We are Smarter Ecommerce. We live, think and grow ecommerce since 2007.

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your Shopping ad
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traffic to your
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costs-per-click by
up to 20%
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all European

Join our growing CSS network to increase the profitability and revenue of your Shopping Ads

Merchant Center re-association feature

Fast and reliable Merchant Center re-association

Merchant Center re-association feature
  • Smooth and seamless switch from any CSS to smec
  • Proactive communication & fast processing
  • Transparent & flexible contracts
Self-service CSS illustration

Self-service solution for full autonomy in your account

Self-service CSS illustration
  • Choose between two setup options
  • Manage your accounts independently without intervention
  • Get the best price and maximum autonomy
Illustration of Holistic Shopping ads management

Holistic Shopping ad management
for greater competitiveness

Illustration of Holistic Shopping ads management
  • Award-winning bidding solution
  • Campaign generation & optimisation
  • Proactive account management
Illustration of free outclicks from Comparison Shopping Site

Free traffic generated through our
website smec.shopping

Illustration of free outclicks from Comparison Shopping Site
  • Added visibility through placement of products
  • No commision rates for smec.shopping traffic
  • No association with affiliate networks

Best-in-class services tailored to your needs

From operational support to strategic consulting:
we have got you covered with our expert services.

Technical Setup

  • CSS account connection
  • Merchant center creation
  • Product feed transfer

Self-Service Option

  • Flexible level of customer service
  • Independence from smec bidding
  • Autonomous account management

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Online retail centricity
since 2007

We at Smarter Ecommerce have been focusing on ecommerce for 14 years. To solve your specific challenges we share our expertise with you.

Excellent quality
in all areas

Fast and reliable campaign setup, award-winning bidding technology, agile feature development and an expert team driven by our values.

Best-in-class ad automation

Innovative bidding technology and expert account management to maximise the profitability of your Shopping campaigns

Expert consultancy
from day one

We combine intuitive technology with elaborate onboarding and proactive support to help you achieve and maintain market leadership.

Actionable insights for smarter decisions

In combination with our holistic Shopping offering we enable you to explore the true potential of your clients through valuable insights.

Success beyond the Shopping channel

As retail growth partner, we cover all areas of ecommerce. We optimise your prices, campaigns and strategies for maximum performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

smec offers two different solutions, depending on your needs. You can fully automate your Shopping campaigns with Whoop! and get expert services on top, or you can choose a self-service approach. While offering the highest level of autonomy, the self-service offer requires you to manage your Google Ads and merchant center accounts independently. You can, however, always book extra service hours with our ecommerce experts.

Overall, your Shopping campaigns will still be controlled via your Google ads and Merchant Center account. If you choose smec’s in-house bidding solution, you will have access to advanced bid management options via an additional user interface directly in Whoop!. Self-service clients manage their campaigns directly within Google Ads. The only change you will spott is the CSS association or flag on the top right corner of your merchant center dashboard.

smec Shopping is not a traditional price comparison platform. As a CSS partner, we are exclusively focused on helping our clients run Shopping ads effectively and efficiently. We also do not partner with affiliate networks and do not publish feeds from sources other than the Merchant Center.

There are various CSS providers on the market and they differ in quite a lot of aspects, from the number of countries where they are eligible to run Shopping ads to the pricing and quality of their comparison site. One of the most prominent CSS is Google’s own CSS, namely Google Shopping, which also happens to be the default CSS in most cases. With smec Shopping, Smarter Ecommerce operates one of the largest third-party CSS networks with more than 1,200 accounts. Unlike Google’s default CSS, we offer you bid discounts of up to 20%, free traffic from our price comparison platform, transparent pricing, and a quick and easy setup process.

Depending on the contractual terms and cancelation policy, different scenarios apply. smec offers you the greatest flexibility and a simple cancelation process. Our account managers will reliably guide you through the process. Depending on your preferences, we will need either your consent to switch to another CSS or work with your new CSS partner.

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