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Predictive bidding algorithm
for a stronger return on your advertising spend
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Precise, item-level structure
for unlocking your true performance potential
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Multifaceted data modeling
for a detailed & realistic profile of your products
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You can set smarter, more granular Google Shopping bids at an unlimited scale using Whoop!’s machine learning algorithm. And you can do it automatically. Whoop! augments your ability to build, manage, and optimize your Google Shopping campaigns. It delivers this by producing individual, predictive evaluations and automated bids for each of your products.

Whoop! is the world’s first bid management tool developed specifically for Google Shopping. Our developers never stop interrogating Whoop!’s existing features and user surfaces, and they research constantly in order to position our users continuously ahead of the curve. The experts at smec combine a decade of specialized Google domain knowledge with machine learning to help you reach and exceed daring goals.

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Intuitive & Transparent Dashboard

Using Whoop!, you stand in control of a clean, comprehensible dashboard. Whoop!’s machine learning capabilities make your campaign management more efficient and automate iterative tasks while keeping you not only in the loop, but in charge. It takes powerful, complex software to achieve this at scale, so that’s why our engineers take great care to deliver this service in a way that is digestible and transparent.

Advanced Bid Strategies

Whoop’s Advanced Bid Strategies empower you to target specific subsections of your assortment with individualized goals and behaviors. With ABS you can push promotions, adapt to trends, or meet segmented margin demands. You can easily target brands, product types, individual products, or custom labels. Plus, ABS provides custom metrics so you can easily report your KPIs.

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What you can expect

Predictive Bid Management

Whoop!’s machine learning algorithm analyzes the performance correlations between over 100 product attributes to model your assortment and predict what bid each item needs to meet your goals. Goodbye data scarcity, goodbye guessing.

Automated Campaign Structure

A granular campaign structure is crucial in order to avoid black box bidding and maximize ad spend efficiency. Whoop! builds a product-centric structure that suits your business and then updates it daily.

Personalized Onboarding

Our Customer Success managers are all Google-certified AdWords professionals who consider helping clients a privilege rather than an obligation. We are your advocates and we depend on your success — it’s just that simple.

Campaign Splits

Exclusive beta: Campaign splits are truly a quantum leap in performance management. More than a feature, this new approach divides your country-specific campaigns by device and then further subdivides them by query performance for peerless results.

Multi-Account Center

Agencies and enterprises: manage the Google Shopping campaigns of all your shops from a single dashboard. Don't waste time logging in and out of different accounts — keep track of your performance with ease.

Privacy and Security

Cybersecurity is at the front of everyone's minds — ours too. We respect our customers’ privacy and keep your data secret and safe. Smarter Ecommerce uses only the latest technologies and most responsible practices.

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