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Gain competitive advantages in Shopping with automation & optimisation beyond revenue

We are Smarter Ecommerce. We live, think and grow ecommerce since 2007.

campaigns for
millions of products
based on KPIs
Shopping strategies
and tactics
with actionable insights & reports

Transform your Shopping ads and maximise the performance of your campaigns

bid management for
higher returns

  • Boost your long-tail performance with predictive bidding
  • Tailor bids to profit, competitiveness, seasonality
    and queries
  • Invest budget in products and campaigns that
    help you grow

campaign structures
ensure top performance

  • Create advanced campaign structures with no extra effort
  • Meet buyer intent and match bids with device performance
  • Tailor campaigns to demands in reporting & transparency

Actionable insights to optimise
your ecommerce growth

  • Detect growth potentials that can transform your business
  • Explore the buyer journey from click to purchase
  • Understand which products drive traffic and conversions

Highly relevant feeds to
leverage your ad relevance

  • Optimise product feeds for relevance and accuracy
  • Promote key attributes and avoid disapprovals
  • Meet buyer expectations for higher CTRs

Comparison Shopping Service
for lower CPCs

  • Join one of Europe’s largest CSS networks
  • Pay up to 20% less for clicks
  • Enjoy more impressions and free outclicks

More features to come for strong growth results.

More than just an innovative software

From operational support to strategic consulting:
we have got you covered with our expert services.

Account Management

  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Microsoft Shopping Ads
  • Shopping Ads Consulting

Strategic Consulting

  • Ecommerce go2market
  • Digital marketing strategy
  • Ecommerce transformation

Technical Setup

  • Full technical setup
  • Software configuration & training
  • Feed connection

SaaS Management

  • Performance & health monitoring
  • Account optimisation
  • Comprehensive technical support

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clients say

6 reasons to work
with us

14+ years in

We at Smarter Ecommerce have been focusing on ecommerce for 14 years. To solve your specific challenges we share our expertise with you.

Excellent quality
in all areas

Fast and reliable campaign setup, award-winning bidding technology, agile feature development and an expert team driven by our values.

Optimising beyond
revenue & devices

Adjust bids to maximise profitability, product potentials and device performance. With campaign splits we bring back transparency and control.

Match search intent
with Query Sculpting

Search queries are a crucial indicator for conversion likelihood. Invest your ad budget in search queries that match your offers for higher effectivity and visibility where it matters.

Expert consultancy from
day one

We combine intuitive technology with elaborate onboarding and proactive support to help you achieve and maintain market leadership internationally.

Success beyond the
Shopping channel

Ecommerce success extends beyond Shopping: whether it’s text ad management, programmatic or dynamic pricing – we’ve got you covered.

Grow your business with our award-winning
Shopping solution

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    Individual kick-off meeting to get an understanding for your company goals
  • 2.  
    Professional and detailed account analysis
  • 3.  
    Presentation of optimisation possibilities
  • 4.  
    Strategy plan custom-tailored to
    your company
  • 5.  
    Personalised offer

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Frequently Asked Questions

We at Smarter Ecommerce create solutions for ambitious online retailers. Whoop! is an outstanding solution to boost international growth and efficiency whilst running Google Shopping Ads. It was built for ecommerce businesses with 1,000+ products, targeting more than just one market. Whoop! can be used by all businesses as long as they are eligible to run Shopping ads. Our customers represent a diverse range of verticals: from sports, fashion and electronics to FMCG, stationary or health & beauty. Check out our testimonial and case study page for more insights.

At smec, we do not only take a holistic approach to finding and implementing comprehensive ecommerce strategies that fit your business, we also aim to help retailers optimise Shopping campaigns for more than just revenue. While revenue can be an important metric to optimise on, businesses also need to reach other goals to be successful in the long-run. With Whoop! we offer several features that help you reach your business objectives:

  • Data-driven bidding algorithm: We are continuously expanding our machine learning algorithm to consider data relevant for our clients. Advanced forecasting mechanisms and data transformation processes help us to automatically adjust bids to business goals that matter to you. For instance, it is possible to manage bids based on availability, profit, customer lifetime value and more.
  • Advanced bid strategies: Use custom labels to tag products with highly competitive prices, great seasonal demand or guaranteed availability to boost visibility and conversions for these products, while reducing budgets for products with limited business value.

Read how CoolStuff (one of Scandinavia’s biggest gadget shops) optimised their Google Shopping campaigns for +42% profit YoY.

Whoop! can be used with equal success across all industries eligible for Google Shopping. Our modules and services can be tailored to your individual needs to make sure that your Shopping ads are set up for optimal performance. Thanks to advanced campaign setups and bid strategies, big international brands in B2C, D2C and even B2B have found Google Shopping success with Whoop!. To achieve the best results with Whoop!, however, you should spend at least € 10,000 per month on Shopping ads with a minimum of 30 conversions per target country to facilitate machine learning. If your account does not meet these criteria, Whoop! might not be the right solution for you.

The specific pricing of Whoop! depends on the size and complexity of your account. We will offer you pricing that reflects a fair and sustainable cost-benefit ratio. Your pricing plan consists of two elements: a software fee and a usage fee. The software fee will remain flat month-to-month, while the usage fee is calculated retroactively as a percentage of your Google Shopping ad spend from the previous month. For full transparency, we will agree on a pricing scheme and invoicing cycle before your start with Whoop!. Want to know what pricing and results we can offer you? Please fill out the contact form above so we can speak about enhancing your Google Shopping performance.

There are some technical and strategic points to consider before signing up:

  • more than €10.000 Shopping ads spend
  • more than 1.000 products in the assortment
  • Google Ads account with conversion data of more than 30 days
  • depending on your setup, additional access to Google Analytics or product data might be required

Best way to get started is to get in touch with us through the webform above. Our certified Google Shopping experts will reach out to you to schedule an appointment for a discovery call where we will answer all your questions and see if Whoop! can help you achieve your goals. Based on your needs and potentials we will present you a customised solution.

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