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Exceptional steering capabilities meet highly customizable bidding

With our Google Shopping management software you can go beyond short-term gains with data-integrated bidding and machine learning. Push metrics and apply strategies which matter the most to your company.

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Advanced Bid Strategies feature (Whoop! Screenshot)

Apply your strategies down to item level

Advanced Bid Strategies feature (Whoop! Screenshot)

Want to push certain products during a sale period or meet segmented margin goals? We’ve got you covered. Advanced Bid Strategies (ABS) allow you to target specific subsections of your assortment with individual goals and behaviours.

Query Sculpting feature in Whoop! by smec

Match bids with query potentials

Query Sculpting feature in Whoop! by smec

Normally you can’t bid on search queries in Google Shopping. With Query Sculpting you can. Control bidding goals for every single product per query and device, outperform your competitors in terms of efficiency and benefit from frequent automatic updates for negative keyword lists.

Schreenshot of Shopping Insights feature of Whoop!

Visualize your Google Shopping data

Schreenshot of Shopping Insights feature of Whoop!

With Whoop!’s Shopping data visualizations you are able to get detailed insights into your brands and key performance indicators. Depict seasonal changes or review broad or highly-specific product clusters to optimise your campaigns. Choose from many different charts and derive well-informed actions from your data.

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